FIMA The Sounds and the Perfumes | Tavira

"The Sounds and the Perfumes"

20/04 Friday


Igreja do Carmo

9h00 pm

Tickets: 10€

Duration: 70 minutes

Age: >6




“Sillages”, for percussion and orchestra


Symphny No. 6 “Pastoral”


Orquestra Clássica do Sul

Conductor: Rui Pinheiro

Composer: Bruno Soeiro


O FIMA 2018 – Festival Internacional de Música do Algarve presents “The Sounds and the Perfumes”, with the Orquestra Clássica do Sul directed by its Titular Conductor, Rui Pinheiro, in the debut of “Sillages”, work by Bruno Soeiro. This program will present two works that, despite the contact points, were composed with 210 years of difference!

Beethoven's “Pastoral Symphony” was a remarkable work, opening doors to the romantic symphonic poem, as it abandoned the classical structures of the Symphony and have introduced the connection with extra-musical elements, such as poetry and painting. For this, it was sublimely used by W. Disney in his animated film “Fantasy”.

The work “Sillages”, for percussion and orchestra, results from an order from Orquestra Clássica do Sul to its associated composer for 2018, Bruno Soeiro. Structured in several stages, each one will use a set-up of different instruments and will be inspired by the diverse categories of fragrances: citrus, woody, floral and oriental.

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